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PATRICIA BOYES - Law Office of Patricia Boyes 

RGBC provided me with the opportunity to open my own law firm with minimal overhead, due to its flexible office space and state of the art facilities. The building is impeccably maintained and ideally located in the heart of Silicon Valley, in close proximity to the best San Jose has to offer. An added bonus is the professional, courteous and friendly support staff which makes the quality and presentation offered by RGBC truly first class. RGBC has everything a business needs to succeed!


RGBC is a highly professional and pleasant group and they exemplify our business values of a professional workplace. As a leader in the financial service industry, we can identify with the value of superior service that RGBC delivers. As our business grows, we appreciate the convenience and professionalism of RGBC’s amenities and services that always adapt to our needs.

DAVID WRIGHT - Silicon Valley Risk & Insurance Services, A WGB Company

Our company consolidated two offices and opened a new branch office in Northern California. We were looking for a central location and decided on RGBC. We needed flexible terms to accommodate our growth. Utilizing the reception and operations staff helps support my business so I can concentrate on marketing and meeting  with my current and potential clients. The business center is top notch and the staff is helpful, friendly, professional and just awesome.

DEBORAH MILLER - Deborah Miller Mediation San Jose

The reception area, offices, and other areas are well-decorated, maintained and always clean. I particularly like the availability of services and additional space I can pay for on an as needed basis. The staff is well-trained, professional and a pleasure to work with. On top of all that, the location is fantastic.


ANDREW A. BALDMAN - UNH InterOperability Lab University of New Hampshire

Four words: Walk to Santana Row. Aside from having a great facility and a location that can’t be beat, the thing that impressed me the most was that Joanne Escobar, the General Manager, knew every one of her clients by name. I’d recommend RGBC to anyone.


Rockefeller Group provides Fortune 500 Company amenities at affordable pricing to non-Fortune 500 companies.

ARTEM LESIN – Arvik Group Real Estate.  Nice office, great staff, every problem is resolved quickly… Read more

DEAN A. CHRISTIANSEN - Acacia Capital, Inc.   I’ve been a customer of Rockefeller Group Business Centers for many years, and highly recommend them as a service office option for your business… Read more

We rent office space at the Wall Street location a few times a month when needed. The offices are modern, spacious and always well maintained. The staff is consistently friendly, professional and helpful.

LOU NASER - Global Wealth Partners Inc

When we originally were looking for office space, we chose a competitor of Rockefeller Group Business Centers. After two weeks in that space we were counting down the days until we could move. Rockefeller Group Business Centers has not only assisted to make our transition seamless, and easy, but the staff is the most professional that we have ever worked with. What a great building, location, experience it has been to be here. For a professional company that caters to clients, image and professionalism is very important, and we believe that we have found it here.

The RGBC office center at 1221 Avenue of the Americas has been a fantastic home for our company for almost two years. The flexibility afforded by the RGBC executive space model makes it easier to budget and plan for the expansion of our business, especially in turbulent economic times. The location is convenient, the space presents well and is top quality, and the staff are helpful and competent – very important traits, given the high-level clients we have coming through the office. We are very pleased with our tenure at RGBC and recommend it highly as a good, comfortable business decision.

WENDY SPINA - Hatstand US, Inc.

We have been here for over a year now, and are more than pleased with our office.  So much so, we are looking to expand it. The staff, building managers, and security are all extremely helpful, friendly and are always there to assist with anything we need. We are very happy in this building, and looking forward to adding on.

BRIAN PACKIN - 48 Lounge

I cannot say enough good things about Rockefeller Group Business Centers. Since becoming a client with RGBC I have seen my business grow tremendously. I have been able to fully take advantage of all of the superior services and technology RGBC has to offer which has allowed me to increase my productivity and become more organized. In the Lounge and Restaurant Business customer service is paramount and RGBC has shown me how much focus and energy they place on quality customer service and hospitality. With RGBC, I have found a corporate support network that is 100% behind my business and its growth. With all the amenities and office styles RGBC has to offer, I look forward to calling RGBC my headquarters for a very long time.

KEITH GRIFFIN - The Griffin Firm

There could not be a more perfect location in Manhattan. Across Sixth Avenue from NBC, and across 48th Street from Fox News Network – not to mention just a three-minute walk to Time Square – everything is within easy access. Because I travel a lot, it is of utmost importance to have the telephone and mail handled professionally while I am out of town, and the RGBC staff is as professional as it gets. The suite itself is tasteful and impressive, and makes a great impression on my clients. I’m very happy with where I am.

DAVID WRIGHT - Silicon Valley Risk & Insurance Services, A WGB Company

I started an operation for Wood Gutman & Bogart and needed professional office space with built in administrative support. I reviewed other facilities that quite frankly were closer to my home. I decided on Rockefeller Group not so much on the professional look of the space but more to do with the customer service and professionalism of the staff.

Utilizing the reception and operations staff is key. We provide insurance solutions to many businesses and our customer service is everything. Their staff helps support our high service standards.

The business center is top notch and the staff is helpful, friendly, and professional. I will recommend Rockefeller Group to any company looking for flexible work space!

GRANOVSKY & SUNDARESH PLLC - Granovsky & Sundaresh PLLC 48 Wall Street


I entered the Rockefeller Group Business Center at 48 Wall Street on the Monday after Sandy, I learned that RGBC might have available space. I met with the RGBC manager on Monday afternoon, committed to 7 offices and had the  paperwork by the end of that day.  The offices were available the next day, and phones were installed by Wednesday. By Thursday, with RGBC’s cooperation, we had set up a Virtual Private Network, enabling us to access the firm’s computer network, and all our documents and records.   In other words,  three days after I first saw the RGBC premises, we had moved in and were fully functional. That fast turn-around was achieved with excellent service and cooperation from RGBC. We have now been here one month and find the Business Center well run and efficient, and staffed by experienced and helpful personnel.


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